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WHat we do

In our industry, many foodtruckers are either hoping that a customer sees them and decides to stop, or they’re at the will of social media to share their posts (and location) according to an algorithm that just doesn’t work in a mobile industry where timing is key to success.


Our mobile apps change all of that! 

"I want to actively engage my customers, when it matters most.”

Passively waiting for customers to come to me wasn't part of my plan. I found myself on social media hoping for likes and follows more than I was actually doing business.
Andrew- Rebel Phillies

Be seen

With notifications, you can yell at your customers: “HEY, I’M OPEN AND NEARBY!


Of our users, 96% want notifications from you! We let you send notifications at the right time, to the right people, with just a few taps.

Be found

When you tap OPEN, you send notifications to nearby foodies, and you mark your exact location with GPS.


Customers see your profile with pictures, a description, deals, daily specials, and upcoming events, so new customers discover you and your food.

Be shared

Profiles are linked to your social media, review-sites, your calendar, and your website, making it easy for customers to access and share your brand across multiple platforms. 

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More Benefits

Our focus is providing tools for you to market yourself and increase your sales. But we’re more than that. For a full list and details of benefits and services, click below.

About Us

We are based in Las Vegas, NV, where we spent many years managing and operating restaurants on The Strip. The desire to live the ‘American Dream’ lead us to plan out and nearly open our own foodtruck. But it was in this process that we realized the biggest problem for the foodtruck industry.


With enough time and money for only one ‘dream’, we decided to pursue a solution to that problem, and to help foodtruckers across the country. And so it happened, we launched Where’s The Foodtruck for the greater good of all.


With the undying support of our families, we commit ourselves to supporting you.