How do I find nearby foodtrucks/vendors?

Click on the "Locate Nearby Vendors" button, then:

  • Use GPS- it will focus on your current location and show all nearby vendors. You can zoom in and out to focus on a narrower or broader geographic area.
  • Use the address bar at the top- type in any address or city and it will take you right to that point. To exit the address function, just click the GPS button again.

    Alternatively, you can search for vendors within your area by a particular style/cuisine of food, or just see all trucks within your area as a list.

On the map page, what do the different color trucks represent?

Red means that the vendor is open or on its way. Go get some food!
Black means that the vendor is closed.

You can hide closed vendors in your settings page of the app.

A vendor on the move should be marking his arrival destination. He won't be there yet, but give him time and you can be his first customer! (Vendors do their best to mark the arrival destination accurately. It's based on an address. Contact them through the app if they're not where they're supposed to be.)

Great. I see all these great foodtrucks and food tents (pop-ups) near me, but how to I FIND them?

That's easy. Once you tap on a vendor on the map, a Google directions image will show up in the bottom left of the map. Click it and Google will take you there.

How do I view a vendor's profile from the map?

Simple, just tap on the vendor and a mini-profile will display. If you want more details, to connect via social media, or to see pics for deals and/or events, then tap the mini-profile and the full profile will display.

Tell me about the "Favorites" tab.

In the "Favorites" tab, you can view all the gourmet vendors that you've selected as your favorites by clicking on the star at the top of each vendor's profile page. You can also view the "Most Favorited" vendors nearby. On this tab, vendors are ranked top to bottom based on how many foodies like you have made them a favorite. So mark your favorites to help them out!

I can see an event listed in a truck's profile, but not on the app's "Events" page. Why is that?

Events listed in the app's "Events" page are larger events in your area. We want to focus on big attractions for you, and that's what we list. For smaller gatherings, vendors can list their own events on their profiles. If you've marked a vendor as a favorite, you will be notified when they post their own events and deals.

If you know of an event/festival that WTF!?! hasn't listed, tell the vendors involved that they should post it and we'll bump it up to a promoted event. Alternatively, you can click on the + button in the top right and shoot us a message with details and we'll feature it on the app and website!

What kind of quality can I expect from the "Shop" site?

Look, we're a small business, extremely quality oriented. All the merch on the site is very high quality. One or more of us personally checks each piece of material upon receipt to ensure that it's as expected. Shirt materials are very soft, like your old high school tshirts that you wish you could sleep in every night. The rest, we assure will satisfy you as well.

Can you help me arrange catering?

Of course! We'd love to do that. Do you have a vendor in mind? Maybe a particular style of food, or are just looking for something in your budget? Let us take care of it. We've got plenty of experience in our past lives dealing with banquets, catering, and BEOs. Just use the "Book Me" button from any vendor profile, or directly from our website. We'll take the hassle out and ensure you are satisfied with the service provided.